Monday, January 5, 2009


Menara Mega Video Production
(MMVP) is basically just like other ordinary, small graphic company. Eventhough MMVP Design is a registered company, but we are doing our job like other freelancers, committed but not too restricted. It is important to have a quality in every piece of work produced by us, at the same time being happy of what we are doing, not just because it has to be done. We do not like to potray ourselves stress working in a standard working environment. Pressure is not necessity, but it is something worth to be faced once in a while, to add more spices in life, to gain more experiences, in order to embrace the future undertakings.

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A Wedding celebration - the most precious moments in you life, Therefore, with our MMVP professional videographic services, we customize and preserve your most precious and beautiful moments. Allow in retrieving your memories of wonderful people around you with music and emotions for generations to recall as Memories are priceless......


A storyboard or scripts lay out for you that tailor to you needs as to create a memorable film footage or MTV with romantic emotionswith wonderful songs.


Family is everthing of the beginning of happiness With a video MV captures of these precious moments , share this wonderful moments as a thanksfulness to those who has accompany thru the journey of your life, especially your beloved family and dearest freinds.

About The Wedding....
The Proposal

“It’s almost every girl’s dream to be swept off her feet by her beloved one and being popped the question, “Will you marry me?” Best if this is done with some flair and creativity….”
How ready are you for marriage ?

The two of you are in love and life seems endlessly wonderful! Marriage appears to be the next step. But wait: are you really all that ready for marriage just because you are in love

MARRIAGE is a serious and lifelong commitment not always a romantic movie or “ happily ever after ” fairy tale. When a marriage works, it can be a satisfying and fulfilling aspect of adult life. But being in love and wanting a successful marriage are not enough. Here’s a checklist of three vital questions to help you assess your readiness for marriage.

Why do you want to get married ?

· You truly love your chosen partner and want to be part of that person’s life : you want to work together, have fun together, and share all things in life, including the joy of having children and bringing them up together.
· You are fully prepared to make a commitment with someone you love. These are some healthy and mature reasons for wanting to get married.

Do you understand what marriage is ?
Marriage is learning to live with another person in an intimate manner, being aware of your spouse and his/her needs, and the willingness to help and make sacrifices for a happier and more fulfilling married life. Marriage requires couples to operate as a team, not as individuals. New couples will have to discuss and make joint decisions on issues like :-
· Where will they live ?
· How will household responsibilities and expenditures be managed ?
· How to adjust to each other’s family ?
· When to start a family and how will children be raised ? All this and more is what it takes to really share life with someone in a meaningful way, for marriage is a commitment of two persons.

How ready are you for marriage ? Who are you going to marry ?

Try to understand the moral values and personal background of your partner and assess whether it is compatible with your own.
· Do you both have non-conflicting goals in life ?
· Do you both share similar expectations of and values on family, children and finances ?
· Can you visualize growing old with your partner ? The romantic love that couples bring into marriage may diminish through the years and the notion of love itself will change in some fashion. People in general do change and so will you and your partner. Couples will need to adjust to these changes for harmonious living. You are ready for marriage if :-
· you both want to get married for the right reasons.
· you understand fully the responsibilities and obligations you are committing yourself to.
· you have realistic expectations of married life and your partner as a person with both strengths and shortcomings. Having decided to marry, you should prepare yourself for married life.